3 Pro Putting Tips for Amateur Golfers – USGolfTV


Have you ever watched a tour professional effortlessly sink a putt and wonder to yourself, “What do they know that I don’t?”

As a PGA teaching professional who works with amateur golfers and tour pros alike, I can tell you that even the pros struggle with putting. No matter how effortless their putting looks to you, they are working to overcome many of the same challenges you are. They don’t have a special secret to putting tips or know an innovative technique. They simply know the best way to practice their putts. Even the best players constantly drill their putting skills just to establish better habits and greater consistency.

I am going to share three pro putting tips that can help you play better on the green. Each of these putting tips includes a drill that I have used to help both my amateur students and tour professionals. These tips are valuable for golfers at every level.

If you’re struggling with your putting, the following putting tips could help you turn your game around.