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7 Tour Pro Iron Play Tips

My dad, Stuart, is also my coach, and something we’ve always worked on together is ‘strength from the ground up’ and creating a great, stable base from which to start the swing.

I think set-up is potentially overlooked quite a bit, but to strike your irons well you need to be able to set up in the right position to create the swing you want.

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Over the following pages, I’ll highlight some of the things I focus on and look at in my set-up and swing to keep my ball-striking sweet…

7 Tour Pro Iron Play Tips – 1) Set-up

Getting set up properly is definitely the key.

I always try to set up with a good, wide stance and keep myself engaged a little from the start.

From here I’ll be able to swing freely without any restrictions.

Ball just forward of centre

With a 7-iron, your feet should be a fraction over shoulder-width apart and the ball perhaps a third of the way between the middle of your stance and your left foot.

This puts you in the perfect position to get the ideal strike on the back of the ball.

Next – How to engage the legs…

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