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If the golf season has not started as planned, you might have decided it is time to practice. But the reality is that many golfers don’t practice because it can be, well, boring.

I get that.

But golf practice is only boring when all you do is hit balls without any goals. As well as this form of practice being boring it generally doesn’t improve your game. So how do you make practice more fun and consequently improve your game?

Here are some suggestions for you to try:

  • If you have a favorite golf course, imagine the holes in your mind and play it. This means changing clubs each shot and really focusing on a target. This practice also requires you to simulate recovery shots if your tee-shot misses the imaginary fairway.
  • Practice with a buddy. Have long driving contests, putting contests, pitching contests, etc. By bringing competition into your practice you will focus and make your investment of time more valuable.
  • If you are practicing to change your swing technique, set a goal of hitting four shots in a row that feel right. Once you have achieved this, change the task. For example, after four good swings walk to the putting green and challenge yourself to hole three 6 ft putts in a row. After you have made the putts, go back to your swing and continue to cycle through different tasks. By switching up your practice you’ll have to focus harder, which in turn will improve your learning.

I look forward to seeing you at Pine Ridge Golf Course working on your game soon.
Cathy Harbin, PGA, LPGA

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