Finally Break 80 in Golf with These 5 Simple Tips – USGolfTV

Has it been a lifelong dream of yours to break 80 in golf? For a lot of golfers, breaking 80 is the ultimate goal. We all look at someone shooting in the 70s a little differently than the way we look at a golfer who’s stuck in the 90s. And who doesn’t want to be one of the players on the receiving end of that admiration?

If you’ve come close to breaking 80, you’re hovering around a threshold that represents a huge accomplishment for a lot of golfers. But if you struggle to cross that threshold, you’re probably feeling more frustration than excitement.

I’m going to share 5 tips that will give you the final push you need to reach that lifetime goal, plus one bonus tip to help you get more distance out of your driver. All of these tips are fairly easy to execute with a little practice, and I can almost guarantee there’s going to be something in this list you haven’t tried already.

Let’s get into it.