Golf Driver Tips: Are You Making These 3 Common Mistakes? – USGolfTV

Many amateur golfers are always on the lookout for effective golf driver tips. And it’s no wonder. Few things in this life feel as good as hitting a nice, long drive straight down the middle of the fairway. That feeling is what brings so many golfers back to the course time and again, despite the bunkers and the bogeys.

But if you’re struggling to hit quality drives on a consistent basis, you’re likely starting to feel some frustration with the game you love.

Don’t worry. I’ve got three quick and easy golf driver tips that are going to help you approach the tee with more confidence. Each one of these tips is a fix for the three most common driver mistakes that plague amateur golfers.

Plus, I’m going to share a quick routine that ties all three tips together and one bonus tip to help you fix your slice.

But first things first. Let’s talk about what your number one goal should be every time you pick up your driver.

The Correct Way to Swing Your Driver

Your driver is the only club you use to hit the ball off a tee. This fact alone should be your reminder of one detail many amateur golfers forget:

When you swing your driver, you always want to hit up on the golf ball. Or to put it another way, you want to make contact on an ascending motion, just past the low point of your swing.