Golf Podcast Episode 247: Five Tips to Help You Break 100 – Golficity

It’s been estimated that fewer than 25% of all golfers ever break 100. But fear not, because with a little hard work, and some smart golf, you can certainly reach this milestone on your way to becoming a great golfer.

And, even if you’ve already broken through the 100-mark, we still have plenty of tips in this week’s episode that can be applied to any skill level.

So tune in this week as hosts Frank & Mike chat about their own experiences breaking 100 for the first time and highlight five tips to help you get there yourself.

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In This Show You Will Learn:

  • Why sometimes it’s best to “put down your driver” when working on breaking 100 for the first time.
  • How to make “the low side” your friend.
  • When you should ignore what your playing partners are doing and “play your own game.”
  • Plus much more.

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