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Sometimes what seems logical, just isn’t.

For example, the most common errant shot is a slice. When I ask golfers what they think the club should do through impact they frequently say that they are trying to keep the clubface pointing towards the target for as long as possible.

Although this approach is logical, it is flawed.

In golf, we stand to the side of the ball. This means we swing the club in an arc – it swings up and around our body. So, to hit the ball straight (with no sidespin) the clubface should swing square to the arc, not the target.

As the club swings through impact, the forearms should rotate the clubface so it remains square to the swing arc. This means that it will appear to be closed to the target. Allowing the clubface to remain square to the arc will not only straighten your slice, but it will have the added benefit of reducing that chicken-wing follow-through that tends to go hand-in-hand with a slice.

Check out this short VIDEO (https://youtu.be/lqGzHWrH-7A) that explains how the clubface should swing through impact. And if you need help implementing the change in your swing please contact me and I will be happy to help.

Mark Anderson, Head Golf Instructor: Pine Ridge Golf Course, Paris, TX http://changegolfinstruction.com/texas/ourteam/

Mark Andersen is the head teaching professional at Pine Ridge Golf Course in Paris, Texas. His favorite part of working in the golf industry is helping others learn and improve their golf skills.

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