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It is always a good time to work on your golf game. But winter is especially good. So, before you head to the range to put in some practice then consider Dr. Mark Guadagnoli’s Challenge Point theory. His theory is quite simple. You will learn and retain swing progress best when you make your practice difficult enough to challenge you, but not so difficult that you will fail. Quite simply, if you make your practice session too easy or difficult you will not gain from it.

Every golfer’s challenge point will be different. It will change based on the level of expertise and the shot you are practicing. For example, it is challenging for a beginner golfer to try and hit five shots in a row over 100 yards. The same task will not be challenging for a more experienced player. Instead, he or she may need to try and hit five shots from 100 yards within 15 ft of the target.

Thankfully, technology assists in giving you the feedback you need to make your practice suitably challenging. Top Tracer – that we have at Pine Ridge Golf Course – will give you your ball speed, shot distance, height, and amount of curve left or right.  These data points are enough to set your own practice challenge no matter what your playing ability level.

If you want more ways to use data in your practice, check out this video:

Good golfing!

Mark Andersen, Head Golf Instructor: Pine Ridge Golf Course, Paris, TX

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