The Perfect Golf Swing: It's Easier Than You Think – USGolfTV

Who doesn’t want a perfect golf swing? A solid, consistent golf swing is a thing of beauty . . . not to mention it can really shave strokes off your score and make a round of golf way more fun.

If you’ve been chasing that elusive perfect golf swing, you’ve probably collected loads of advice, tips, and insight from every possible source. You’ve read magazine articles about how your favorite golfer does it.  Perhaps you’ve watched instructional videos on YouTube. You’ve even swapped secondhand advice with your buddies. And if you’re like most amateur golfers, you’ve come to one disheartening conclusion:

The perfect golf swing is complicated and cannot be accomplished without years of focused training


Here’s the good news. Mastering the perfect golf swing doesn’t have to be that hard after all.

The perfect swing is comprised of three cleanly executed phases:

  1. Setup
  2. Top of the backswing
  3. Finish

Now, if you do a deep dive on any of these three phases, you will likely find some complex tips for honing your technique. While these tips may not be wrong, they are likely to get you overthinking your swing. Instead, I’m going to share an incredibly easy trick to help you master each element of a perfect golf swing. Then, I’ll share a bonus tip for tempo, so you can make the most of your new technique.