Angels News: Watch Mike Trout Crush This Golf Ball Into Orbit

Mike Trout has already established himself as one of the greatest baseball players in MLB history. He’s quickly rising the ranks of the Angels’ franchise and MLB records, as he continues to leave his legacy on the game of baseball. However, when he’s done playing baseball (in a long time from now, don’t worry Angels fans), he may have his next career all ready for him.This past week, Trout was seen at Top Golf, hitting some golf balls off the tee with his driver. And let’s just say, he probably could make a career in golf with the moonshots that he was hitting. Take a look for yourself:A 184 MPH golf shot is not an easy thing to do, but at this point, we probably have to come to expect these things from Trout.I’m sure if you gave him five chances to make a half-court shot in basketball, he’d accomplish it. I’m sure if you gave him five chances to throw a football into a trash can 50 yards away, he’d accomplish it. And I’m sure if you asked him to throw a javelin, or try out for curling or become a figure skater, he’d find a way to excel. Okay maybe not, but you get the point.Trout is one of baseball’s greatest athletes of all time, and he’s proving he can excel in other sports, too. The PGA Tour better watch out.

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