Bay County Disc Golf Club hosts second annual “Tinsel Toss” tournament for charity

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – The Bay County Disc Golf Club held their second annual “Tinsel Toss” tournament at Majette Saturday, raising money for a local charity.

There were 72 players in participation for the duos tournament, and the club raised over $2,500 for the Gulf Coast Children’s Advocacy Center.

Bay County Disc Golf President Brent Gann said that this year’s tournament was a major success.

“Last year we threw this together in six days, we had it the day after Christmas, 60 some odd people showed up so it was a really great event,” Gann said. “We found out there was a need for December disc golf, you know the weather is great, Florida is perfect for this, so we decided we’re going to have an annual event and earlier this year we decided we wanted to partner with a charity and increase our charitable giving as an organization and so we partnered with Gulf Coast CAC to increase the amount of good that we can do in the community.”

Team “We’re just here for the raffle,” represented by Webb Warren and Daniel Herberth took first place for the tournament, going 10 under par.

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