Carlos Sainz engages in funny banter with Lando Norris; discusses his ‘by a mile’ golf win

During their times at McLaren F1, Carlos Sainz (now at Ferrari F1) and Lando Norris formed one of the best line-ups in the sport due to their fantastic sense of humour. And they certainly did not disappoint when they were paired together for Thursday’s press conference ahead of the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Sainz could be seen boasting about his ‘by a mile’ golf victory and how he taught his former teammate a lesson that has left him ‘a bit depressed.’

Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris engage in hilarious banter

Ahead of this weekend’s Brazilian GP, Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris faced each other in golf on Monday, where the Ferrari F1 driver took great pride in his latest performance. With both of them having been paired together for a press conference following fans’ demand, the interviewer began his set of questions by asking them ‘what have you got for us.’

With Norris knowing he had been beaten convincingly during the week, he replied by stating, “There are many things Carlos is going to want to talk about in this one, so it’s all yours Carlos.” After the Brit’s initial response, Sainz hilariously smiled and replied, “You don’t want to give a slight introduction to it,” to which Norris responded that he did not want to take his former teammate’s ‘moment of glory.’

Once the Spaniard had the stage to himself, he said, “We’ve been spending some time together here in Brazil, since Monday, to be precise. We managed to play a couple of rounds of golf, and I must say Lando had the pleasure to witness one of the best rounds of golf he’s ever seen as a golfer, thanks to my five over [par] with five birdies round. I managed to beat him by a mile.” He then turned towards Norris and told him that he had been ‘lucky to see that level of playing and that amount of birdies in a round, and check out how you actually get to play off.’ He ended his point by stating that since then, the Brit has been ‘a bit depressed.’

A gracious Norris then replied, “Fair to play Carlos. His years and years and years of experience and lessons and grinding away to be a good golfer, finally I got to see it paying off. So I congratulated him. He deserved the win. He played better than I did, so full respect to that.”

Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz will resume battle at Brazilian GP

After Lando Norris and McLaren F1’s fantastic start to the F1 2021 season, Carlos Sainz and Ferrari F1 have come back strongly in recent races. The Italian outfit scored 18 points at last weekend’s Mexican Grand Prix, as compared to the Brit outfit’s 1 point. In terms of the Drivers’ Championship, Norris is currently in fifth place with 150 points, whereas Sainz is currently in seventh place with 130.5 points. The Constructors’ Championship is extremely close as Ferrari F1 (268.5) leads McLaren F1 (255) by just 13.5 points.

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