“Don’t Want to Look Dumb”: With Dustin Johnson by Her Side, Wayne Gretzky’s Daughter Revealed the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Her Once in 2014

As a little girl, Paulina Gretzky wanted nothing more than to spend quality time with her father. The NHL legend, however, was an avid golfer. Paulina has gone on record to share how much she shunned golf as a kid, although it all changed when the sport ignited her competitive spirit as she grew up.ADVERTISEMENTArticle continues below this adPaulina once spoke about how golf became something fun for her. Initially, she spent quality time with her father, Wayne Gretzky, playing golf together.  Eventually, she found the love of her life in professional golfer Dustin Johnson. She can often be seen around the course happily cheering for her husband.ADVERTISEMENTArticle continues below this adWas Paulina Gretzky a natural at Golf?In 2014, Paulina Gretzky appeared in an exclusive interview with Craig Bestrom for Golf digest. Paulina spoke about how she wasn’t a fan of the sport when she was a kid. However, as time passed and she spent more time on the course, she gradually fell for its charm. Although she still doesn’t play the sport herself, she finds joy in watching her husband play.Golf – The 2020 Ryder Cup – Whistling Straits, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, U.S. – September 26, 2021 Team USA’s Dustin Johnson and partner Paulina Gretzky celebrate after winning The Ryder Cup REUTERS/Jonathan ErnstTalking about the sport, Paulina Gretzky said that it is something one needs to learn and doesn’t come naturally. She said, “Golf isn’t something that comes naturally. It’s like when Dustin asks me to go fishing. I’ve never been taught how to fish. I don’t know what I’m doing, and I don’t want to look dumb. It’s the same with golf. People think they’re going to look dumb.”DIVE DEEPER“It Was Like an Achievement for Them”: Wayne Gretzky’s Model Daughter Once Broke
Her Infamous Dating Rule for LIV Golf Star Dustin Johnson10 days agoShe further shared her best memory of the sport. Recalling an incident she said, “The first swing I took in my dad’s tournament, I whiffed it in front of 30 people. It was probably the best thing that ever happened to me because I’m really competitive like my mom and dad, and it made me want to keep trying.”Gretzky on the cover of Golf DigestADVERTISEMENTArticle continues below this adActor and model, Paulina Gretzky was featured on the cover of the renowned golf magazine Golf Digest. While everyone is aware of her connection with the game, questions were raised about how she landed on the cover of the magazine.Jan. 9, 2014 – Honolulu, HI, USA – January 9, 2014 – The daughter of Wayne Gretzky, Paulina Gretzky was on had to watch her beau Dustin Johnson during the first round of the Sony Open at the Waialae Country Club in Honolulu, HI. PGA Golf Herren Tour: Sony Open JAN09 – ZUMAc04It all started when she posted a video on Instagram in January 2014 that demonstrated her golfing skills. Soon, she was contacted by the sports equipment brand Taylor Made for a commercial. This eventually led to her interview with Golf Digest and to her being featured on their cover story.ADVERTISEMENTArticle continues below this adWatch Story: Paulina Gretzky Revealed How Her Dad Gave the Best Dating Advice Before She Married Dustin JohnsonPaulina may not be a pro golfer, but she may have hit the mark on

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