Duke girls geared up for state golf | Sports

Alyssa Alt, JR., “Definitely putting because that is where most of my strokes have added up. I am working on anything that has to do with putting. I want to knock strokes off my putting because then I feel that I am in great shape with the rest of my game.”Kadence Foreman, SR., “Definitely putting and chipping. Right now this week we have dedicated a day to putting and today is chipping and then off to the range. Golf is a sport where you just can’t come out and expect to play your best, you have to work at it and that takes time. My (worst) golf games of the year are when I am off my mental game.”York senior Piper Fernau said Scottsbluff is also challenging because of its length, a lot like York.“It’s a pretty long course which makes it kind of difficult. As far as long courses go around here, York is the longest so I think we kind of have an advantage because we do play here,” said Fernau. “It’s very narrow and there are some holes there that are very unique and different. We played there in September so I think it does give us an advantage when we go down there because we know what to expect.”At the start of the season Miller alluded to the team having a lot of potential, but he really didn’t know what the year would bring.“I was hopeful that they would get to this point, but you never know what is going to happen. When we walked on the golf course on Monday at districts we had one kid that had played at districts and on Friday at conference you could kind of see some of those nerves pop up,” explained Miller. “It’s different in a conference tournament, its different at districts and state tournaments. You just don’t (know) what is going to happen in that environment, especially when they have never experienced it. I think this group can shock even more people because they have the ability to do that.”

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