Following Charles Barkley’s $200 Million LIV Rejection, Michael Jordan Was Recruited By The Golf Giants

Michael Jordan and his affinity for golf has been well known to the world for nearly 4 decades now. He started to hit the green in the mid-80s while still in his early 20s. He fell in love with the sport almost instantaneously and would use it as a way to decompress. 
He became so fond of golf that he would go play holes during the NBA Finals as well. He famously took Charles Barkley golfing in the midst of their 1993 Finals series to try to ‘soften’ him up in an attempt to take his edge away during their eventual 6-game series. 
Jordan is also incredibly fond of betting on his golfing skills. His dealings with ‘Slim’ Bouler became nation-wide news after MJ was forced to admit in court that he did indeed write a check worth $57,000 to him. 
With him having a rich history with golf, it makes sense as to why LIV Golf was looking to have him on board.
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Michael Jordan was targeted by LIV to sign on as a board member 
LIV Golf went hard after Charles Barkley last year when it was made public that he would most likely leave ‘Inside the NBA’ after turning 60 years old. Chuck, who is also an avid golfer, rejected their offers and would get rewarded by TNT for doing so by signing him to a contract worth anywhere between $100 and $200 million. 
Now, it is being reported that Michael Jordan is being recruited by LIV as well, but for a different position. LIV wants the 6x NBA champion to come on board as a board member along with several other prominent figures in and around the golfing world. 
They reportedly offered a $700 million contract to Tiger Woods, a contract Woods would go on to decline. This sudden need in star power comes after it was projected that LIV could lose over $350 million by 2028 due to a dearth of star players and broadcast deals. 
Michael Jordan opened his own golf course 
The Grove XXIII was constructed by Michael Jordan in Florida in 2019 to help him improve his own golf skills. The club is incredibly exclusive as it has around 100 members at most. 
Rickie Fowler even admitted once that due to the way the course is designed, it give MJ an actual advantages over pro-golfers if they were to go head-to-head.
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