Harbhajan Singh Calls Son Jovan Veer ‘Little Messi’, Reveals Daughter Hinaya Heer is Addicted to Golf

Legendary spinner Harbhajan Singh has been making news for rescuing Bhatinda’s Kamaljit Kaur, who was held captive in Oman, and bringing her back to India. The 21-year-old girl was reportedly manhandled by her employers and her passport and SIM card were also confiscated.And two months later in December last year, Harbhajan met the girl’s family and offered them monetary help worth Rs 2 lakh. Currently, he’s in touch with the Indian Embassy to rescue several other Indians, who are held captive illegally in other countries.In an exclusive conversation with News18, Harbhajan tells us, “As human beings, it’s important to help each other. Whenever I do get the opportunity or sense that there’s something for me to do and I should do, I don’t hold back. I was just looking towards helping another human being and it’s as simple as that.”Also Read: Laxman in Line to be Next Coach After Dravid’s TenureGiving us a glimpse into his plan of helping many more return to their country, he elaborates, “I’m in touch with the authorities. They’re in different countries. I also spoke to the government in India. We’re all working on it and I hope that we can rescue the students – whether they are boys or girls – who are trapped and are in trouble and bring them to their parents in India. Nothing would be more satisfying than that.”Even at home, Harbhajan makes sure that he leaves no stone unturned to be the biggest and strongest pillar of support to his family.And that’s why, when his wife, actor Geeta Basra, returned to the movies after a hiatus of six years last year, he stood by her decision like a doting husband.“My wife’s entry back to the movies is her choice. Acting is her passion. She loves being in front of the camera. Being a husband, it’s my responsibility to support her in every possible way. I want her to fulfill all her dreams. I believe that everyone should pursue what they love,” he states.For the cricketer turned commentator, equal parenting is truly important.Sharing his thoughts, Harbhajan explains, “Our kids’ childhood is the time which helps you form a relationship with them. When you spend ample time with them, that’s when your bond with them grows strong. When my wife works, I manage my schedule to look after the kids and be around them. Mostly, I’m the one who travels and works and she looks after the babies. Once in a while, if I’ve to do it, I’ve no issue.”Also Read: BBL to be Reduced as CA Seals Billion Dollar Broadcast Rights DealFather to daughter Hinaya Heer Plaha and son Jovan Veer Singh Plaha, the 42-year-old further adds, “Our children belong to both of us and they’re here today because we wanted them, and that’s why equal parenting becomes important. I think the responsibility of parenting should never be carried by one parent. Though kids are all about their mumma, they need their papa as well.”Ask him about his kids and Harbhajan, who marked his acting debut with a Tamil film titled Friendship in 2021, beams with excitement while admitting he’s happy and proud since both of them are keenly interested in sports.Referring to his son as ‘little Messi’, he remarks, “He loves football. Some older boys play football near our building and he tries to run around with them and take their ball away. He keeps saying ‘ball’ and ‘kick’. He’s a leftie and he kicks using his left foot. He’s very much like Messi.”Talking about his daughter’s love for golf, he expresses, “She stood second in running at her sports day at school. Once I took her to play golf and she got addicted to it. She just couldn’t get over it. She truly enjoyed it. In fact, she enjoys every sports. I encourage her to play as much as possible.”Get the latest Cricket News, Schedule and Cricket Live Scores here

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