Hull Lives Life and Plays Golf in the Fast Lane | LPGA

Some players like to take their time on the course, strategize every shot and keep their focus on the ball in front of them, especially when on a notoriously hard track like Lake Nona Golf and Country Club. That is not the case for two-time LPGA Tour winner Charley Hull, who currently sits in a tie for fourth at -9 overall after a third-straight 69 at the Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions. She said if she’s not playing fast golf, she gets bored easily. In fact, everything she does in life happens pretty quickly to avoid boredom.
“I just think of random things. I’m in my head. I’m an overthinker, so I’ll just be daydreaming about something completely opposite to golf or just doodle in my yardage book,” said Hull. “People are probably thinking, she’s really looking at that green, but I’m not, I’m just scribbling on it.”
For someone who likes to keep occupied, the #HGVLPGA is a dream event. With a DJ on No. 18 and groupings that include various celebrities and greats of other sports, Hull doesn’t need to rely on daydreaming to stay entertained. The 26-year-old, who made her first appearance at the Tournament of Champions this year, has enjoyed kicking the season off in Lake Nona, Florida and wishes there were more events like it on the schedule. Hull’s groupings have led her to conversations with former NHL and MLB players, as well as professional wakeboarder, Steel Lafferty. One celebrity, in particular, made a lasting impression on Hull during the second round.
“I really enjoyed playing with Jeremy (Roenick) today, but I liked playing with Mardy Fish yesterday,” said Hull. “He is a really, really good player, and I feel like if he had practiced more when he was younger, he would make it on the PGA TOUR. But honestly, I was so impressed by his game.”

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