‘I’m Not Coming…’: Golf Passion Made Funny Home Alone Villain Take a Drastic Step While Shooting the Oscar-Nominated Movie

Exactly how much love for golf is too much love for golf? Ever seen someone so obsessed with the sport that they make adjustments in their main job just to play a few holes on the field? And that too right at the beginning of their day? Well, if not, you’re in luck to find out what Oscar-winning actor Joe Pesci did during his time shooting family-favorite Home Alone.ADVERTISEMENTArticle continues below this adJoe Pesci’s unexplainable love for golfThe world of golf is filled with talented players from all across the globe. Professionals are regularly investing their time, money, and efforts to get to the top in the field. However, the sport is not only limited to people who wish to make a career out of it.ADVERTISEMENTArticle continues below this adIn fact, a huge proportion of Hollywood actors are in love with golf and spend their leisure time playing the game. But there is one man, who despite working in a superhit movie at the time, wanted a personalized shoot schedule to play golf as well. And it is none other than legendary actor Joe Pesci.Pesci, while shooting the world-famous blockbuster ‘Home Alone’, was probably the only person who had bigger priorities than the movie itself. Famous for playing tough, volatile characters on screen, Pesci was cast for a very special role in the film.But even though his role in the movie was very essential, there was something else he considered even more important. It turns out that for Pesci, it was quite necessary to start his day by playing some golf near the set. That’s right. Joe Pesci demanded late shooting schedules for his scenes so he didn’t have to miss out on golf.What did the team have to say about Pesci and his wild obsession with the sport?In a video reposted by Tim Reilly on Twitter, one of the producers of the film explained what went on during the shoot. “Joe takes me by the collar,” he said. The team in the movie recalled him jokingly “grabbing and punching” them. They mentioned how he explicitly came to them and said, “You don’t need me at 7 o’clock… I’m not coming at that time”.ADVERTISEMENTArticle continues below this adAlthough the producers kept trying to arrange early call times for the actor, he still showed up at 9 after finishing with 9 holes on the field. The star was required on set around 7 am. But his golf obsession was so strong, that he once took a producer by the collar about not being okay with arriving early on the set.DIVE DEEPER‘The Highlight of My Year’: Tom Holland, No Longer Impressed With Meeting
Actors, Once Recalled Most Fascinating Experience at the Augusta National14 days agoADVERTISEMENTArticle continues below this adBut as they say, when you’re really good at something, the world will understand. The Oscar winner finally convinced the entire unit for him to arrive at 9 am for his scenes. All of it just so he didn’t miss a day of playing golf.Watch This Story: Golf Enthusiast Suffers Serious Brain Injuries After a Nasty Altercation With His Fellow Golfer

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