Introducing the 2021 EDN All-Area Girls Golf Team | Local Sports

Below is the 2021 Effingham Daily News All-Area Girls Golf Team.This team highlights the top players from the area. Overall, there were five golfers selected, with each one answering five questions.
EFFINGHAM DAILY NEWS ALL-AREA TEAMELLIE WEGMAN (St. Anthony, sr.)My biggest pet peeve is… When my ball rolls over one side of the hole and doesn’t drop, when my ball hits the stick and rolls way too far away, or when people ask too many questions and talk too much.My favorite golf moment is… Either the last day of my high school career at state finishing with a 74 (+2) and the team finally placing high enough for hardware or freshman year at regionals when I had to finish the last two holes at one-over-par. I tripled 17 and eagled 18, an unconventional one-over-par. That’s my game, or a tap-in eagle on No. 3 at ECC, nearly an albatross.What do you do before a tournament… No special routine. I try to eat if I’m not nervous, braid my hair, and listen to music. I review each hole in my head if I’ve played there before. If I have not played there, I’ll look online to see what the holes look like; once I arrive, it’s range time and putting green work.If you had to go to dinner with three other people, who would they be… My mom. Then, either of my two sisters, if they aren’t annoying, or my dad.LAUREN SCHWING (St. Anthony, jr.)I need tickets to see… The Masters, of course.My biggest pet peeve is… PessimismMy favorite golf moment is… At the state tournament this year, the starter asked me a fun fact about myself so that she could announce it to the crowd. I told her I had run two marathons (which is not true). When she announced it, my family started laughing so hard and it was so funny.What do you do before a tournament… I would say I have to get myself in the right headspace. I think that is the most important thing to do to make sure I play well. I tell myself when mistakes happen, that I will pick it right back up and not fall apart. If I start playing without mentally preparing myself, I have found that it is a lot harder to play well.If you had to go to dinner with three other people, who would they be… Eleanor Roosevelt. Michael B. Jordan. Butch Harmon.ADDIE KROUSE (St. Anthony, frosh.)I need tickets to see… Thomas Rhett.

My biggest pet peeve is… When someone starts saying something and doesn’t finish.My favorite golf moment is… When I finally hit over the water on Hole No. 3 with a 7-iron. I was with my grandpa.What do you do before a tournament… Hit some shots with a wedge, iron, woods, and a couple of drives. Then, I test out the green speeds and chip.If you had to go to dinner with three other people, who would they be… Lauren Akins. Harrison Bader. Thomas Rhett.NINA HAKMAN (St. Anthony, sr.)I need tickets to see… The Masters.My biggest pet peeve is… When mom thinks she knows everything about golf.My favorite golf moment is… Senior Night and getting third at state.What do you do before a tournament… Shower. Stretch. Warm up for an hour and eat TUMS.If you had to go to dinner with three other people, who would they be… Anyone who will buy.MARAH KIRK (Effingham, jr.)I need tickets to see… I wish I had tickets to see an LPGA Tour match. I love watching women’s golf and it would be amazing to see one in real life.My biggest pet peeve is… My biggest pet peeve is when my sisters take my stuff and don’t return it. It annoys me.My favorite golf moment is… My favorite golf moment was probably when my team and I tried to hit a golf ball like a baseball. Only one of us could do it.What do you do before a tournament… I usually listen to music or watch TikToks on the bus ride there.If you had to go to dinner with three other people, who would they be… I would want to go with Sadie Crowell (my favorite YouTuber). Lexie Thompson (my favorite women’s golfer) and my mom (because she’s the best).

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