Kennsington Golf Club in Canfield collects Toys for Tots donations at OSU watch party

CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) — Kennsington Golf Club in Canfield had a lot to celebrate Saturday.

It kicked off its 2021 Toys for Tots donation drive with a holiday weekend football party. They’ve been collecting donations for a month.

Event brings holiday spirit to Lanterman’s Mill

“Christmas is coming, there’s families that can’t afford certain things or people who can’t have the things they want and it’s good knowing that people can put towards the cause and give people what they deserve on a special day,” said Todd Henning with the golf club.

While celebrating the toy drive, the golf club also hosted a watch part for the Ohio State vs Michigan game, a tradition that Branden Pierce with the golf club said he’s excited to have back after COVID-19 canceled it last year.

Ohio State falls to Michigan 42-27

“The game didn’t even happen last year with Michigan and Ohio State so it actually feels good to have the game going and having everyone come and enjoy time and be able to watch the game,” Pierce said.

Denny Zimmet of Canfield was excited to have live sports back. He was decked out in Ohio State gear to support the team.

“Every year that we have the big clash, I’m here, it’s got to be a family tradition and we all hope for a big game,” Zimmet said.

A $10 portion of every ticket sold at the event was donated to the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Foundation.

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