Lugalo Golf Club’s Kasiga wins TGU chairmanship

Dar es Salaam. Lugalo Golf Club senior golfer Gilman Kasiga has won the Tanzania Golf Union (TGU) chairmanship after beating Abdallah Singano of Dar es Salaam Gymkhana Club during the body’s elections held yesterday in Morogoro Region .

Kasiga collected 17 votes against Singano’s 15 in a closely contested election held at the Morogoro Gymkhana Club.

Speaking yesterday, Kasiga thanked all the voters and the National Sports Council (NSC) for supervising well the elections and promised to take the game to the next level of the development.

Kasiga said the task ahead is for the game stakeholders to get united and propel well the wheel of golf at the peak of development while declaring that all the election camps have been dissolved as they are focusing on the growth of the game.

“I thank all who have participated in the election process and finalised the exercise successful.

“We are all targeting the highest development of the game and I call on all the game stakeholders to give new leaders support for the game,” said Kasiga.

He said his election manifesto will be implemented during his leadership tenure. Kasiga’s strategies of the game development are juniors’ programme development that aims at producing future golfers from schools and communities as the clusters of recruitment.

The new TGU boss’ second priority is about adult recruitment from both public and private sectors with emphasis on the benefits of exercising and networking as well as increasing the number and quality of professional golfers in the country.

He said professional golfers are usually regarded as the coaches of junior and adult players.

According to Kasiga, training is very important, therefore, it is strategically necessary to have a plan that guarantees the welfare of professional golfers who are the key to his first and second priorities.

He noted that all the strategies will centre on the short-term, mid-term and long-term goals of Tanzania’s golf.

Apart from Kasiga winning the TGU top post, Arusha’s Prudence Kamugisha won the post of vice chairman after collecting 17 votes, beating Enock Magile of the Lugalo Golf Club, who scored 15 votes.

The post of honorary secretary general was won by Morogoro Region’s Gymkhana Club member Dickson Sika who collected 17 votes to beat Imani Alfayo of the Arusha Gymkhana Club, who collected 15 points.

Another Lugalo Golf Club member Ernest Sengeu was elected as TGU’s competition secretary after collecting all 32 votes and Sigfrid Urassa of the Lugalo Golf Club was elected to the post of the body’s treasurer after being voted for with 28 out of 32 votes.

However, the position of handicap secretary was not voted for as there was no aspirant.

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