Positive turnout for junior golf tournament – FBC News

After a lapse of five years, the Junior Golf tournament returned yesterday with a positive turnout at the Fiji Golf Club in Vatuwaqa.
42 junior golfers were part of the event which is the biggest number recorded in the history of the tournament.
Fiji Golf Club member Elvin Nair says the youngsters give Fiji Golf a promising future.Article continues after advertisement

“It’s important when it comes to the development of sports because this is an individual sport where it takes a lot of patience, time and dedication to allow each player to develop their own skills so that you know the juniors for today can be future golfers for tomorrow.”
Tournament Director Mahmood Buksh says the young golfers have been part of the junior’s clinic program throughout the year.
“so there were two clinics a month so we had about 18 clinics up to November and for December we have this tournament where we see where the juniors stand on their performance so that’s what we had the tournament for.”
It was a stroke event where players below eight years play three holes and above eight play six holes.

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