‘That’s Cheating, Right?’: Golf World Fumes Over PGA Tour Pro’s Latest Disqualification News

Ever since coming into existence in 1929, PGA Tour has been the most prominent body in the golf world. The tour is often appreciated for backing players in unpleasant situations. However, on the contrary, the Jay Monahan chaired body has been highly particular about tackling rule breaches by players with the utmost severity. A glimpse of it was visible yesterday at the ongoing PGA Tour Cadence Bank Houston Open.ADVERTISEMENTArticle continues below this adYesterday, the 11th of November, officials at the Houston Open disqualified golfer Mark Hubbard from the tournament. As per the PGA Tour, the Denver, Colorado-born player was disqualified for carrying more clubs in his golf bag than the permissible limit. Even though the officials took the decision based on the USGA rule book, it opened the doors of opinions in the golf world.ADVERTISEMENTArticle continues below this adThe golf world divided over Mark Hubbard’s disqualificationMark Hubbard was disqualified from the Houston Open after completing his second round. As per the PGA Tour, ‘Hubbard knowingly added a 15th club at the turn and used the club several times without declaring it out of play.’ Going further, the tour mentioned the violation of Rule 4.1c of the USGA Rules as the reason behind the disqualification.According to Rule 4.1c, ‘When a player becomes aware during a round that he or she is in breach of Rule 4.1b(1), (2) or (3) for having more than 14 clubs or for making a stroke with another player’s club, the player must immediately take an action that clearly indicates each club that is being taken out of play.’Mark Hubbard is a DQ after the second round of the Cadence Bank Houston Open due to a violation of Rule 4.1c.Hubbard knowingly added a 15th club at the turn and used the club several times without declaring it out of play.— PGA TOUR Communications (@PGATOURComms) November 11, 2022As mentioned earlier, the decision took no time to open the door of opinions. While one section of the golf world accused Hubbard of cheating, another section called out his caddie for the happening.How do you add a club at the turn and not know you’re cheating…— Ryan (@rtw579) November 11, 2022Seems like a decent guys, but this kind of seems like a douchey thing to do.— Diablo Sandwich (@sandwich_diablo) November 11, 2022WTF…knowingly? That’s cheating, right?— Gene Arbogast (@GeneArbogast1) November 12, 2022Guess he wanted to work on something because he wasn’t making the cut either way— Jefe1777 (@Jgalex0705) November 11, 2022Wow! Maybe he counted incorrectly. Where was his caddy?— Jack Thomas (@PopJackJack) November 11, 2022While the above fans restricted their opinions to the incident, another section of fans opted to yet again get the most talked about topic into the picture. The LIV Golf. Walking on the pre-defined path, this section of golf fans found a way to draw parallels between Hubbard and LIV Golf. They said:It wasn’t his fault…Norman and Reed told him it was ok to do that. He had special permission.— Ron (@Ron2103310) November 11, 2022Someone got a degree in the Patrick Reed Golf School— Evil Stetson (Stequavious) Bennett (@EvilStetson) November 11, 2022ADVERTISEMENTArticle continues below this adThe incident rightly chipped in as a glimpse of PGA Tour’s no-tolerance ideology for rule breaching. While Hubbard stands disqualified, the tournament continues to head toward its final days with other players paving their way to victory.ADVERTISEMENTArticle continues below this adWatch this story- Golf World Fumes Over Latest Phil Mickelson’s Post On LIV GolfWhat are your thoughts on Hubbard’s disqualification? Do let us know in the comments below.

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