The Broadmoor to host Colorado Golf Hall of Fame Museum

(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Golf at The Broadmoor has been acclaimed for decades, but now it is expanding and recognizing those who have achieved many great things in the state.

Since 1973, the Colorado Golf Hall of Fame has recognized the past, honored the present, and ensured the future. “The Broadmoor has so much history, 140 years old now, and so much golf history too,” said Russ Miller, Director of Golf at The Broadmoor.

The Colorado Golf Hall of Fame, which will be celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, will soon be calling The Broadmoor home, in the Spring of 2023. A sign inside The Broadmoor Golf Club stated that construction is underway for the Museum and began on Monday, Jan. 16.

“I want all of these great people that did great things to shine a light on it, to help preserve their legacy, to help inspire young people, and one of the great things about golf is, it’s a game we can play all of our lives,” said Mark Passey, Vice President for the Colorado Golf Hall of Fame Board of Directors.

While the area is still under construction, the renderings are coming together inside The Broadmoor Golf Club. “It’s going to be an event where we are going to honor all of the 147 ‘Hall of Famers’ that have been inducted over the years,” said Passey.

The Colorado Golf Hall of Fame Museum at The Broadmoor has been under development for two years, and Miller said the Resort is excited to bring the Museum to Colorado Springs.

“On behalf of The Broadmoor, we are so fortunate to be able to house this here. It could go to anywhere, you know, in Denver, and they came to us and we are very appreciative of that and have committed to making it spectacular, which it is going to be, we are just thankful,” said Miller.

The Colorado Golf Hall of Fame Museum will open in the Spring of 2023 and will be free and open to the public.

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