This was the most-read women’s golf instruction story of the year


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December 30, 2021

This women’s golf tip on the importance of posture, grip and alignment was the year’s most read.

Edie Wessel

Here at, helping you improve your game is one of our greatest priorities. And that’s why we try to get as specific as possible when it comes to the issues you face on the course.

Every Tuesday, we feature instruction especially for women, by our talented roster of female teachers. The tip below by Edie Wessel was published in September, and ended up being our most-read piece of women’s golf instruction in 2021. Here’s hoping it can help you enjoy the game even more in the coming year.

So cheers to more — and better! — golf in 2022. And make sure to stay tuned to (and our hub for everything related to the women’s game) for everything you need, from the latest tour news and features to instruction, equipment, apparel and more.


Those of us who play golf know we can get very analytical with our swings. The more we delve into the intricacies of it, the more complicated the swing becomes. Whether you play competitive or recreational golf, the more analytical you become, the worse you seem to play.

So, using the acronym P.G.A. — Posture, Grip, and Alignment, let’s get back to the basics. Remember, the basics of the golf swing are like the foundation of a house. If the concrete is not poured properly and the foundation has flaws, there will be problems in the structure and integrity of the house. The golf swing is no different. Without sound fundamentals, things will crumble quickly. 

Back to the basics 

As in any sport, posture is extremely important in golf. The correct address position provides the ability to turn the body and swing the club. While some people have physical limitations that can make the golf swing difficult, most players can set up to the golf ball in an athletic position. Your feet should be shoulder width apart, you need to tilt at the hips and gently flex your knees. Your arms should hang down loosely. 

Edie Wessel

As shown in the photo above, the spine should remain relatively straight, not too arched or rounded.  

Grip the club loosely in your fingers. For the right-handed golfer, your left hand should be placed so the “V” formed between your thumb and the index finger points toward your right shoulder. As the photo below shows, your right hand should gently fit below the left hand with the “V” also pointing to the right shoulder. For the left-handed golfer, the “Vs” should be pointing toward your left shoulder.

Edie Wessel

Alignment is one of the more challenging parts of golf, especially since every shot angle can be different. However, if you keep your alignment consistent on full shots, you will be more successful. Visualize railroad tracks.  One track is the target line where you want the ball to travel. The other line, parallel to the target line, is the line to which you align your body.  As shown in the photo below, your feet, hips and shoulders should be in line with each other and parallel to your target line.  

Edie Wessel

The beauty of golf is it is a sport for a lifetime. Whether you have been playing for 50 years or are just starting, keep it simple and remember the acronym: P.G.A.— POSTURE, GRIP, and Alignment. 

Edie Wessel, PGA, is the teaching professional at The Silverleaf Club in Scottsdale, Ariz. 

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