UNA men’s golf finishes fifth at ASUN Championships, women take sixth | Sports

The North Alabama men’s and women’s golf teams both concluded the ASUN Conference championships on Tuesday.kAm%96 >6?[ H9@ H6C6 😕 D:IE9 A=246 27E6C 6249 @7 E96 7:CDE EH@ C@F?5D[ >@G65 FA E@ 7:7E9 @? E96 7:?2= 52J 2E E96 &?:G6CD:EJ @7 v6@C8:2 v@=7 r@FCD6[ E92? #@65 z2C=D6? 7:?:D965 a`DE WaaaX[ r=2JE@? {2CD6? E:65 7@C bdE9 WaahX 2?5 uC2?<:6 (256 H2D bhE9 WabdX]k^AmkAm{:36CEJ H@? E96 E@FC?2>6?E H:E9 2? gba E@E2=[ 7@==@H65 3J uvr& WgcdX[ y243 Wh__X 2?5 q6==2C>:?6 Whb`X]k^AmkAm%96 H@>6?[ >62?H9:=6[ 7:?:D965 D:IE9 27E6C E96 7:?2= C@F?5[ H9:49 E@@< A=246 2E E96 z:?56C=@F u@C6DE v@=7 r=F3] %96 {:@?D A@DE65 2 b`a E@ 7:?:D9 H:E9 2 hcb]k^AmkAmt>:=J {2?<7@C5 =65 &}p H:E9 2 ab_ E@E2= E@ 7:?:D9 E:65 7@C `hE9 :?5:G:5F2==J] w2??29 !@A6 2?5 %2CJ? $:>>@?D 3@E9 E:65 7@C aeE9 WabeX[ |FE:E2 q@@C2?2A:@?D9:A H:E9 2 `aF?56C gda E@E2= 2?5 H6C6 7@==@H65 3J }@CE9 u=@C:52 WggaX[ uvr& Wh_aX[ {:AD4@>3 Wh“X[ $E6ED@? Wh`cX[ &}p WhcbX[ y24:?6 WhfbX]k^Am

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