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In golf, a few win. No one knows it as well as former Illinois State University star DA Weibling, who has had a long and successful career on the PGA Tour and Champions Tour. What is unique about Wibling is that he is also passionately shooting high when it comes to ISU’s men’s and women’s golf programs. “He thinks big and has big dreams,” said male head coach Ray Clarisse. “From 1 to 10, he’s going to shoot at 12 or 13. He sees it differently.” Wibling returned to his eponymous course on Friday to help fund Redbird Golf. He has done a lot since he graduated in 1975 and turned professional. Funds from this year’s Wavering Golf Classic have been allocated to create new men’s and women’s locker rooms at the Wavering Golf Club. In a typical Weibring style, it’s more than a place for Redbird golfers to store their gear. “There’s a nice wooden locker and branded country club atmosphere along the walls to share part of (the program’s) history,” says Kralis. “It will be a little motivating for everyone. Hopefully it will give them an incentive to put their name on the wall. I want them to leave a legacy.” The walls are filled with portraits and achievements of the former Redbird’s outstanding individuals and teams. How many strokes are worth on the course? It’s hard to quantify, but fourth-grade female coach Brainne Hall smiled at the prospect that the players would regularly see past champions. People are also reading … “I think it’s important … it’s about the current players knowing about the history of the program and who paved the way for what,” Hall said. “This is a rich history of some MVC championships in the women’s program. I would like to honor the team that laid the foundation.” Weibring Classic is also useful for foundation accounts that help cover travel expenses and more. This is how Weibring gives back to the program, offering great competition, scholarships and degrees. The changing room will be the latest in a series of improvements. Wavering has contributed to the refurbishment of wavering golf clubs, the strengthening of the Mounier Golf Training Center and the restoration of bunkers on the course. He has other major projects in mind. One is to dredge Lake 13 and readjust the fairways that surround it. The other is to add a team building to the practice area. “All top programs have one that allows you to hit the ball inward or hit the target,” Weibring said. “I have a plan for that. “The tagline is” get better every day. ” It’s a program and facility. I think people will see it. “ According to Wibling, golf courses are making more money than last year. This was good because it was one of the few activities that people could safely do during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We are making money, we are doing well,” he said. “I think they’re putting their spending in the right place. What we’re trying to do is if we can make some money, they’ll put it back in the facility, which is with the whole community. To benefit the program. “ I hope the upgrade will lead to a championship. The women’s team finished third in the Missouri Valley Conference tournament in April, two shots behind the first. The boy was second, four strokes behind champion Loyola. Wavering likes the direction of both programs, Hall said he is “raising a women’s team,” and Claris is a young player with “really good potential” to replace outstanding players who have graduated from the last two years. Was adopted. Players from both teams were grateful to Weibring for their high turnout on Friday. “It’s unbelievable to have his support,” said former Pontiac high school star Junior Ali Schlock. “I waved his hand and started talking to him. It’s great that he’s back and very supportive of our program. Having it It’s really unique and special to us. “ “It was very cool to come in mid-career and see the size of the training facility,” said senior Andrew O’Brien, who was primarily attracted to the Mounier Training Center. He was also excited when Weibring led the bunker refurbishment two years ago. “Before that, I loved golf courses,” O’Brien said. “But it went from good public trekking to what now looks like a country club. It’s really amazing. “When it comes to our funding, he (Weibring) is probably the only contributor. He put it all together. He also shares a lot of good knowledge about golf with us. He is at the highest level. “ In recent years, Wibling has been unable to play professionally due to a back injury, but he remains competitive. His mission is to provide Redbird golfers and their coaches with everything they need to compete. “We are moving forward,” he said. I’ve heard about the perfect game of baseball and softball. A pitcher who completes a game without allowing a base runner is said to be perfect. When Doug Higgins rushed into the University of Illinois football scene in 1987, then University of Illinois coach Mike White mentioned a freshman walk-on … Pinch hitter in the middle of winter? That’s the situation I found on January 22, 1989, and that fateful twist led to the third pick … Gary Johnson was counting the days leading up to his son’s senior soccer season at Central Catholic High School. When Bloomington is dented … Playing with a heavy heart, Ricky Jackson went out at the 1990 Missouri Valley Conference basket and gave a thrilling performance … Randy Kindred is a columnist and retired sports editor at The Pantagraph. Deliver local news to your inbox! Watch Now: Kindred: DA Weibring “Keep Shooting High” for ISU Golf Program | Sports Source link Watch Now: Kindred: DA Weibring “Keep Shooting High” for ISU Golf Program | Sports

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