‘What a Cutie’: Golf World Reacts to Bryson DeChambeau Adorably Welcoming Newest Family Member

When Bryson DeChambeau stated one of the reasons he joined LIV Golf was because he would get a resting period, some people scoffed. They believed the only reason golfers left the PGA Tour and joined the Saudi-backed circuit was money, which the golfer never denied. However, that doesn’t mean he simply jumped leagues just for money. He had intended to take enough rest and he was never shy to show his off-season fun activities through social media posts. And his latest post, in which DeChambeau shared how he welcomed a companion named Bear, the golf world couldn’t help but find it adorable. For everyone who found it alarming, no, it is not an actual bear, although he is furry. Bear is a new puppy that has entered his life to make life brighter. The pro golfer revealed the news through social media and said, “Can’t keep my shoes tied around this little guy, haha. Welcome home, Bear.” Along with the caption, DeChambeau posted two pictures of himself with Bear. The pup was sitting right next to his feet. And as his caption mentioned, his shoelaces were untied in the pictures, and the little guy was not letting him tie them.Golf world found the furry mate of Bryson DeChambeau cute ADVERTISEMENTArticle continues below this adAfter the 1-time major winner posted pictures of his furry buddy, the tweeter users bombarded the comment section with their dogs’ pictures. Some people appreciate the cuteness of dogs, for which we are not complaining. Some of the users’ dogs were already golf fans. Possibly Bear will accompany DeChambeau on the golf course, and he will have a new fan for him. However, it was not all bed of roses for the golfer. Some Twitter users still seemed very upset because he joined LIV. They carried the scrutiny and sarcasm in a few comments. A few Twitter users blamed the golfer for helping the Saudi-backed circuit, and few liked his dog but made sure he knew that people still disliked him. Notably, it was not the first time when he had received such scrutiny. Cute dog. You’re still as dislikes as anyone in golf.— partyanimal84 (@ShineBrighMedia) January 22, 2023Thanx for helping the Saudis’— Joseph F. Giunta (@GiuntaJF) January 22, 2023I am sooooo envious! He is beautiful!— YOLOSoGetUp (@ScYolo_2022) January 22, 2023Awesome bro!Ignore the petty negativity from those here who can’t deal with you making your own decisions in life. You do you. Fans of yours will be along for the ride regardless— Jamie@Breezin’ (@jamieshadow1) January 22, 2023Who’s gonna take care of him when you are on the road? Poor thing— Mooreshots (@RealMooreshots) January 22, 2023For an avid middle class golf fan you have personally made my golf fan experience much worse for your individual financial benefit. Your choice.— mark (@mancinim2001) January 22, 2023Damn I’m sorry bear. You have a loser of a dad— Drew Lock QB1 (@lockqb1szn) January 22, 2023ADVERTISEMENTArticle continues below this adAdorable puppy, handsome owner. Life is good💖— Denise Wierck (@DeniseWierck) January 22, 2023ADVERTISEMENTArticle continues below this adWatch This Story- Paige Spiranac Once Sympathised With Bryson DeChambeau Over Heckling IncidentAlthough there were some negative comments to DeChambeau’s post, most of the golf fans found the pictures of his puppy adorable.  What do you think of the Mad Scientist’s new companion? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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