World’s biggest disc golf tournament takes over Emporia

EMPORIA, KS (KSNT) – Rain or shine, pandemic or not, disc golf is on.

The Dynamic Discs Open is hosting some of the best disc golfers from around the country in Emporia from April 28-May 1. Even amateurs can participate or come to watch the best of the best. The tournament usually sees the best in the world, but COVID-19 restrictions kept it to only US participants. It’s still the biggest disc golf tournament in the world and has four rounds for the professionals.

“There’s different divisions, different amateur divisions, different age-protected divisions, different professional divisions,” Dynamic Discs owner Jeremy Rusco said. “You had to get registered and everybody gets a player pack, so just by playing in the tournament, people walk out with a bunch of cool stuff.”

Disc golf is a still a growing sport, but Paul McBeth just signed the sport’s first 10-year, $10 million contract. 

Professional disc golfers at this tournament are competing for a purse of almost $100,000. 

“Every year, it keeps getting to be more and more,” Rusco said.

Most professional players are sponsored and represent those companies.

“Touring professionals go from city to city and tour almost the entire part of the year, so they help fund travel, help fund injury fees, help provide tournament support so they can get from community to community,” Rusco said.

Multiple players can be sponsored by the same company, but it’s still an individual tournament. Don’t let this discourage you from picking up a disk, though!

“With this being such a prestigious event, some people might be scared to come out and play, but we’re seeing all kinds of different skill levels out here,” Rusco said.

The tournament runs through Saturday, May 1, and spectators can watch all day for a fee of $20.

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