Disc golf club ready to bounce back after lost season

Disc golf is one of the sports most accessible to play during a time of ever changing public health restrictions and uncertainty.
Disc golf is one of the most accessible sports to play during a time of ever changing public health restrictions and uncertainty.

Free to play, easy to learn, with 300 metres of distance between groups of players — it’s a great way to get some fresh air, enjoy some competition, with a good walk added on. The Fort St. John Disc Golf Course is in great shape, with the muddy patches all dried up by now. 

The FSJ Disc Sports Club, however, has always looked to add a sense of community to the sport, whether through annual tournaments, or weekly league nights, playing alongside other fans of a growing but still niche sport increases the enjoyment of the game.

The club had to punt on any organized nights or events last year, but has hopes of getting a league night going this season, whatever the format may be.

“We are actively pursuing options for league nights. Tournament would have to wait until restrictions loosen a lot more, but these typically take place near the end of the season anyway,” says club president Clint Warkentin. “For now, we feel we can work within the structure of provincial guidelines to have a virtual league night, whether that’s through recording scores individually through an app or other ways.”

“We are confident something will happen, just don’t know how or when yet,” he said.

In the meantime, Warkentin has noticed more and more new faces out at the course, and people who have used the pandemic as an excuse over the past years to give it a try. 

“We are seeing increased engagement with the sport, new people out on the course every day, and we want to honour and capitalize on that so we can create fun, enjoyable events,” Warkentin said. 

In the meantime, disc golf makes for a great option to play as a family or with a friend on the weekend, and discs are available to rent at the Fort St. John Public Library for those interested in giving it a try. 

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