International Junior Masters to expand by hosting a girls division | Golf

“Having been an athlete all my life, my body doesn’t allow me to play basketball and softball anymore, so this is a way I’ve been able to stay competitive with a game that just grows with you,” she said. “You can continue to play it. It’s a lifelong sport. I love the challenge of it. For me, it always was a lot easier for some reason to hit a softball moving toward me or field a ball moving toward me than to hit a stationary golf ball. I love that challenge.”

Weather plays a large role in the game of golf and the best players learn how to compensate for various conditions. Let’s find out how.

Woloszynski also appreciates the life skills golf nurtures – some of which she looks for in her role as an operations manager at M&T Bank.“It builds confidence,” she said. “It builds discipline, camaraderie … the ability to just be confident in your social interactions, handle conflict, compete. The work ethic to be able to make that commitment to that practice.“As a manager, I love hiring athletes, because I know I get that discipline and that competitive drive. With golf, in particular, there is a high degree of accountability. You have nobody else to rely on except yourself, so I think it really builds that discipline.”Seven spots in the eight-player field have been filled via invitation, while a qualifying tournament will be held for the eighth spot. Williamsville’s Lily Zhang (Park) and East Aurora’s Gwen Yarnall (Crag Burn) highlight the field. There is also an international entry. Luisamariana Mesones is attending Saddlebrook Academy in Tampa, Fla., but is originally from Peru.

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